How to enjoy reading Neotropica.

Try to remember back when you first sat down in front of a computer and someone told you you just had to try this brand-new thing called "email." You grumbled and said what's wrong with paper, and stamps, and the U.S Postal Service?

But you got over it, and now could you really live without your email? No, you can't. Not to mention Skype, Magic Jack, your cell phone, and your TiVo.

Welcome to the world of online magazines. It's here. It's inevitable. Better get used to it.

Why not download a complete copy of Neotropica to your computer? Then you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader to read it anytime, and especially to blow it up to maximum resolution, thus saving your tired old eyes. See graphic below for instructions.

Try these navigational aids.

The trick is to let your mouse rove across the surface of the magazine. Then let it hover. Do not click except to enlarge it the first time. When you rove right with your cursor, the magazine slides left, and vice versa.

To download Neotropica 1, click here

For Neotropica 2, click here