Contents of this issue

The Archaelogy of Amnesia

Uncle Sam's Rap Sheet--150 Years of Aggression toward Latin America.

Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent

Los Nadies. poema de Eduardo Galeano

Weather in the Neotropical Doldrums: Could there be a Latin American Spring?

El Despertar en América.

Eleven Proofs of Lack of Merit and of Bad Service by the Major Perpetrators of a Series of Monumental Horrors Committed Against People of the Indies.

El Salvador Massacre.

El Mozote Massacre El Salvador, U.S. Interventions and the Illusion of Communism.

Disturbing the Peace. Roy Bourgeois takes on the School of the Americas

Zero Hour. Poem of Ernesto Cardenal

Hillary's Bones: A Tutorial on the Honduras Coup

Negroponte's Rap Sheet. Meet the current chief architect of misery in Latin America

The General and the Mermaid. Historical fiction about Sandino.

1984 Bluefields: Volando. Poem of Eduardo Galeano.

Alaíde Foppa: Une trés courte biographie; A very brief biography.

Elogio de mi cuerpo. Éloge á mon corps, In praise of my body. Poem of Alaíde Foppa.

Smiles of Lost Days: Alaíde Foppa's Family Album

The Shark and the Sardine.

Neotropica 3Neotropica3

Neotropica is the Costa Rican journal for living and understanding life, culture, letters and the environment of Central America. The theme of this issue is An Archeology of Amnesia. It explores the last 100+ years of the U.S. war against Sub America from many angles. Collective amnesia is part of the "disappeared" of the Americas: people and events taken away and erased, but never forgotten. The archaeology of amnesia means showing what the hypermodern imperial power machine does not want to be shown.

We are in need of a haunting by the ghosts of the recent past who have disappeared but who will not go away. This issue of Neotropica is a contribution to uncovering traces of perished memories and letting the ghosts fly free.